Director's Greeting

Welcome, I am so excited to invite you to the Expelled Student Program located at Parrish School where our mission is to determine students current needs and develop plans of intervention to help students be successful now and throughout life. 

The staff at Parrish is committed and dedicated to providing a customized, academic foundation to meet the needs of our learners, as well as, providing instruction geared towards preparing students to receive a high school diploma. 

At Parrish, all students are valued and appreciated. We incorporate into our overall design an approach that maximizes a student’s optimal potential, by using students’ social and cultural experiences as a basis for teaching and learning. The assumption is that all students have rich experiences and encounters that can be used to build their academic skills.

 At Parrish, we strive to foster a sense of community in which every individual is respected and encouraged to realize their full potential in the following areas:

1)      Character – People of high character are honest, accept responsibility for their own actions, and choose to do the right thing with moral strength in the face of negative pressures.

2)      Work Ethic – One of the most important values any parent or educator can teach is that effort leads to growth and reward.  A person who works hard and does things the right way will always achieve more in life than a person who takes shortcuts and chooses the lazy path of least resistance.

3)      Citizenship – Our community and quality of life are strengthened when we all treat one another with respect and take care of the places where we live and work.  Service to others and exhibiting a positive attitude make everyone’s lives richer.

4)      Academic Achievement – Students need to understand that they are building their own futures now.  If they truly apply themselves to learning and achieving they will succeed and doors to opportunity will open for them.  It is easy to coast and do just enough to get by, but it will catch up to a person in the form of barriers and dead-ends.   Good school performance prepares you and sets you up for professional success if you take advantage of it.

To develop all of these traits, we will specifically discuss each one at every opportunity, model them at all times, recognize students as they demonstrate that they have internalized them, and teach students the skills to reach them.  By fostering these core traits and values in our young people, we are preparing them for full, productive and successful lives.  

Parents and students, expect excellence.