Dr.  Edwin Hugo Parrish
1910 - 1974

ed-oval2.jpgParrish School was named for Dr. Edwin H. Parrish, former Asst. Superintendent, Department of Vocational Education Services. 


We are currently located in the Mid-Town area at 4469 Farnam Street.  Our programs have been in several different locations until OPS renovated our current facility in 1993.  Since then programs have moved in and out of this building several times.  Currently The Expelled Student Program is the only program at Parrish.  The ESP program at Parrish provides an opportunity for students to achieve academic and interpersonal growth.


The following article is about Edwin Parrish:


From The Superintendent’s Bulletin, Vol. 11, No. 13  May 20, 1974


The Measure of a Man


Those of us who worked with Ed Parrish were accustomed to hearing him say that there are no problems, only challenges.  This philosophy is a key to the character of a man who served the school system and the community with dignity and honor.


When Dr. Parrish became Assistant Superintendent, Department of Vocational Education Services, he brought to his position an ability that was shaped through formal education but finely honed in on-the-job experience.


He saw early the need for a viable vocational education program that would move with a changing society and a changing job market.  Dr. Parrish was among the businessmen and educators who realized that the complex nature of our technological society was producing hybrid occupations requiring both trained hands and trained minds.  He worked with labor, management and school personnel to develop curricula and training programs that would not only answer employment needs in the community but also answer each individual’s quest to develop his abilities and talents as fully as possible.  His sphere of influence extended from local to state and national levels.


Dr. Parrish knew the workings of industry and the operation of a school system from the ground up; consequently, he recognized the extreme importance of developing human potential.  He directed this concern to students, to his colleagues, to jobholders in the community.


In all his endeavor, Dr. Parrish demonstrated a magnitude character that is now part of the legacy he left for the residents of the Omaha community.  He was a prime supporter of a basic tenet of the School District of Omaha:  each person is entitled to a quality education.


Ed Parrish worked for the betterment of mankind, and that’s a true measure of any man.


Owen A. Knutzen

Superintendent of Schools