Expelled Students Program

at Parrish Alternative School

4315 Cuming St.

Omaha, Ne 68131

Phone: (531) 299-2860

Fax: (531) 299-2878



Daily Attendance: Daily attendance is critical for success in school. Each day our teachers are building on previous content knowledge and skills. Students should be at Parrish each day. If a student will be absent, please contact us at 531-299-2860.

REIGN: Reach, Educate, Inspire, Grow and Nurture

Welcome to Parrish. Though students come to our program often in the midst of troubling circumstances, it is our sincere pleasure to work with students and their families. We are hopeful that our students view this program as an opportunity either to get back on track or to stay on track with school. We will do our best to meet the needs of every student and to help each one move on to his or her next educational opportunity.

Parrish School is located at 4315 Cuming Street in  Omaha. The facility is a renovated office building and is the site of The Expelled Student Program. ESP provides academic and social skills coursework for students who have violated District policies and are expelled for 1-2 semesters, and it covers grades 7-12.  Parrish provides an opportunity for students to achieve academic and interpersonal growth.

Parrish - Mission Statement 

The mission of Parrish School is to meet students where they are and move them forward to prepare them for life.

Parrish - Vision Statement 


Reach, Educate, Inspire, Grow and Nurture students, families and the community.

 Bell Schedule and Session Information

The Parrish program is split into two sessions, a morning session, and an afternoon session. Students will attend Parrish either in the morning or the afternoon. The Parrish leadership team will look at many factors when determining which session a student will be placed. This includes looking at the reason for expulsion, if the student was expelled with other students, the current students at Parrish, and the classes the student will be taking. Students will be placed in 1 to 4 classes at Parrish. Schedule of classes depends on what students were taking at their previous school and incoming grades. For a list of classes offered at Parrish, look under the courses tab. Students will receive their session information and schedules at the end of orientation. The following is the bell schedule for each session:



Breakfast    7:35-7:47

1st period   7:47-8:31

2nd period  8:31-9:15

3rd period   9:15 - 9:59

4th period   9:59 to 10:43



Lunch         11:55-12:09

1st period   12:09-12:53

2nd period  12:53-1:37

3rd period   1:37-2:21

4th period   2:21-3:05

Parrish Orientation Information

In order to enroll in classes at Parrish, students and a Parents/guardians must attend an orientation session. This orientation session is designed to give an overview of the program to Parents/guardians, set expectations for students as they will join already established classrooms, and give students and guardians to hear about and sign up with our many wonderful community partners.

After the student placement office notifies Parrish of the expulsion, an orientation letter will be mailed to the primary address listed in Infinite Campus. Parents/guardians are to contact Parrish at 531-299-2860 to discuss with Parrish the orientation options for the Parents/guardians and the student to attend. Students who wish to attend Parrish must go through orientation as close to their expulsion date as possible. Students schedules will be impacted if they are not enrolled promptly.

Orientation is a one-day process, taking place in either the morning or afternoon on most Thursdays. Morning orientations will start promptly at 8:00 AM and afternoon orientations will start promptly at 12:00 PM. Late arrivals not being allowed to join.

For the first hour, the Program Director, Lead Teacher, Counselor, and Behavior Interventionist will discuss the Parrish Program and the expectations there. In addition, community resources, like the D2Center, YouTurn, and Methodist Community Counseling will discuss how they can work with students. After this, students will leave the orientation room and start the student portion of orientation. This two-hour session involving all of the Parrish staff will go over expectations and procedures in the building, allow students to meet the teachers, security and SRO, and students' will receive their schedule and session.  After signing up for a few resources, Parents/guardians can leave Parrish but must return at 11:00 AM for the morning orientation, or 3:00 PM for the afternoon orientation to pick up their student.

During orientation times, students at Parrish will not have class. 

Scheduling of Classes

Before orientation, the Parrish leadership team will look at all incoming student's schedule and grades. Based on this incoming information, students will be placed in 1 to 4 classes depending on which classes students were taking and passing. Parrish only offers a limited amount of classes with no electives being offered. Below is a list of the classes by grade level offered at Parrish.

Middle School: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies

9th Grade: U.S. History 1/2, Physical Science 1/2, Pre-Algebra 1/2/Algebra 1/2, English 1/2, Credit Recovery

10th Grade: Economics or Geography, Pre-Algebra 1/2/Algebra1/2/Geometry 1/2, English 3/4, Biology 1/2, Credit Recovery

11th Grade: Modern World History 1/2, Algebra 1/2/3/4/Consumer Math 1/2, Credit Recovery

12th Grade: Algebra 3/4/Consumer Math 1/2, English 7/8, Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery: Credit recovery gives high school students who have failed a class the opportunity to retake a course through Edmentum, Omaha Public Schools’ online learning environment—and thereby avoid failure and earn academic credit. Students enrolled in a credit-recovery course at Parrish are assigned to a computer during one period of the school day. Students should continue working on the course at home to ensure completion. Students must successfully complete all units of study, and the end of course exam to earn a passing grade. For more information on Credit Recovery read the credit recovery tab on the left.

Work Study: Students who are employed or consistently volunteer can earn work-study credits. Students can earn 1 credit per 70 logged hours with a maximum of 3 credits. Students can get a log sheet from the lead teacher.

Parrish Transportation Options

School Bus: The expelled students program at Parrish does provide transportation on school buses on a limited basis. The bus stops are set throughout the city, and students are responsible to get to these hub stops on time. Information about bus stops and times for pick up and drop off will be distributed during orientation. The school bus and bus stop are extensions of the school and therefore the code of conduct does apply. In addition, students must be standing at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the set time as this allows buses to arrive at Parrish on time.

Metro Bus: If the hub bus stops are not an option, students can utilize the Metro bus system. Bus routes and times can be found at the Ometro website. Parrish does have a limited number of Metro bus tickets to assist students in getting to or from Parrish. 

Parent Transportation: Parents are always welcome to transport their student to and from school. When dropping off or picking up your student, please park in a parking spot. As the northwest parking lot can become congested, we do encourage you to have students meet you in the South or East lots. All students will exit from the Northwest door.

Student Transportation: Students who have a valid drivers license can drive to and from Parrish.  In order to park at Parrish, we will need a copy of the student's drivers license and proof of insurance. Students will also need to complete the appropriate paperwork.

Students should not arrive at Parrish more than 10 minutes before the start of their session and should be picked up or leaving campus within 10 minutes of their last bell. 

 Parrish Credit Recovery Overview

Credit recovery gives high school students who have failed a class the opportunity to retake a course through Edmentum, Omaha Public Schools’ online learning environment—and thereby avoid failure and earn academic credit. Students enrolled in a credit-recovery course at Parrish are assigned to a computer during one period of the school day. Students should continue working on the course at home to ensure completion. Students must successfully complete all units of study, and the end of course exam to earn a passing grade. A course that is not completed, will either be marked as an F. 

Logging In: There are three ways to access your credit recovery course. Option 1 and 2 can be completed at home.

 Option 1: Log into your school email address by going to, or clicking the Office 365 icon on the desktop. Your username and password is the same one you used to login to the computer. Once you have signed in, click the waffle in the upper left-hand corner. Find and click on Edmentum.

Option 2: Go to Click Login. Click on Edmentum Courseware.

Option 3: If available, click on the Edmentum icon on the desktop of the computer.

 Type in your account information:

Account Login: OMAPS

PLATO Name: S + first five letters of last name + last three #s of student ID.

Password: Student ID Number


Contacting your teacher: The best way to contact the teacher with questions is through email. Your teacher’s email address can be found at To email your teacher, log in to your student email address by going to, or clicking the Office 365 icon on the desktop.

Using Edmentum: Go to to watch the video tutorial on how to use Edmentum.

Credit Recovery Pretest: Take each unit pretest seriously as they can allow you to be exempted from some of the work. The pretest questions cover the objectives in each lesson module of a unit. Earning unit exemption status is based on which questions you answer correctly. Even though you are exempt from a unit, you may still access it to study; however, you will not be responsible for completing the mastery test for that unit.

Addition Credit Recovery Course(s): At Parrish, we will only seat you in one credit recovery course at a time. If you complete the first credit recovery course, and enough time remains, you can be enrolled in an additional credit recovery course. If you are showing consistent effort, multiple credits can be earned. In addition, you may earn the opportunity to be seated in multiple class periods for credit recovery, if your schedule allows.

 Dismissal from Credit Recovery Class: Online credit recovery requires you to stay on track with discussions, lessons, mastery tests, and post-tests. You need to do your best and come to class ready to work. Understand that you can be permanently removed from the credit recovery period for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to show satisfactory progress (as determined by the Credit Recovery teacher and principal)
  2. Failure to login to and work on the credit recovery course.
  3. Deliberate misuse or damage of a computer, software, or other instructional materials
  4. Cheating by copying or gaining access to another student’s course or work
  5. Engaging in any act of violence
  6. Consistent failure to comply with the teacher’s requests

If a student is dismissed from the credit recovery classroom, the student will be responsible for completing the credit recovery course at home. A dismissal from the credit recovery classroom may have an impact on student’s ability to receive district transportation and may alter the student's schedule for other classes.

Effective Immediately

The Omaha Public Schools is committed to providing its students and staff with a learning environment that is safe, secure and free from disruption.  To support these efforts, and in keeping with our goal of eliminating drugs and drug use in schools, OPS will begin implementing unannounced, random canine drug searches on school grounds including, but not limited to, classrooms, lockers, backpacks and parking lots. Any illegal drugs and/or contraband found on school grounds will be confiscated by law enforcement and the student will be subject to disciplinary action as specified in the Student Code of Conduct.