Hello! As the Library Media Specialist at Parrish, JP Lord, and Belvedere, the librarian is only here on scheduled days.

Part of my mission at Parrish is to have a broad range of books and reading materials available for our students, grades 7 - 12. However, if a student can't find the book he or she is looking for, we can use the online card catalog to find it at another OPS school library and request a copy for that student. 

Special Note: Students who come to Parrish may have been unable to return library books and textbooks to their previous school. It's one of my priorities to help our students return those books. Parrish students can bring books from their previous schools to the Parrish library, leave them on the book shelf space labeled, 'School Return', with a note giving their name and school the books came from. I will route them back to those previous schools. Students who return books are able to avoid having to pay for library or textbooks. Students who have damage fees or lost books on their school accounts, from previous schools or Parrish, are expected to take responsibility for them.