Orientation Information

Parrish Orientation Information

In order to enroll in classes at Parrish, students and a Parents/guardians must attend an orientation session. This orientation session is designed to give an overview of the program to Parents/guardians, set expectations for students as they will join already established classrooms, and give students and guardians to hear about and sign up with our many wonderful community partners.

After the student placement office notifies Parrish of the expulsion, an orientation letter will be mailed to the primary address listed in Infinite Campus. Parents/guardians are to contact Parrish at 531-299-2860 to discuss with Parrish the orientation options for the Parents/guardians and the student to attend. Students who wish to attend Parrish must go through orientation as close to their expulsion date as possible. Students schedules will be impacted if they are not enrolled promptly.

Orientation is a one-day process, taking place in either the morning or afternoon on most Thursdays. Morning orientations will start promptly at 8:00 AM and afternoon orientations will start promptly at 12:00 PM. Late arrivals not being allowed to join.

For the first hour, the Program Director, Lead Teacher, Counselor, and Behavior Interventionist will discuss the Parrish Program and the expectations there. In addition, community resources, like the D2Center, YouTurn, and Methodist Community Counseling will discuss how they can work with students. After this, students will leave the orientation room and start the student portion of orientation. This two-hour session involving all of the Parrish staff will go over expectations and procedures in the building, allow students to meet the teachers, security and SRO, and students' will receive their schedule and session.  After signing up for a few resources, Parents/guardians can leave Parrish but must return at 11:00 AM for the morning orientation, or 3:00 PM for the afternoon orientation to pick up their student.

During orientation times, students at Parrish will not have class.